Learn to Think in the New Language

Learn to Think in the New Language

Here is another way to improve your English skills.

I know it works, because I use it myself all the time as I work to improve my Spanish. This has to do with what you focus on every day.

If you are learning a new language, make a conscious effort to think in that language throughout the day. Let’s face it: you already know your mother tongue. You will not lose it. You have to stay out of your comfort zone.

But the more can go outside your comfort zone, the more you force your brain to think about how to say things in the new language, the more comfortable you will feel.

So, the next time you find yourself thinking about something and you can hear those words inside your head, think: “How would I say this in English?” “What words would I use?” “What would be the first word?” “What would be the second word?”

And so on. Then, once you have made your best guess, check it with a translator on your phone or computer.

After a while, you will improve and improve. Remember, you do not have to learn English at one time.

Just focus on improving a little each day.