Language Classes in Denver

Private Language Center can help you learn a new language and expand your horizons. English classes, Spanish, and French classes. Private and group sessions with morning, evening, and weekend classes available.

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Group English Classes

Learn English in a supportive AND affordable environment. Immersive sessions help you learn faster from our friendly, qualified instructors. As you begin to make progress with your pronunciation, you will at the same time begin to feel comfortable speaking out loud, forming sentences, and learning how to form and answer questions in English. With each class, your ability to engage in conversations in English will continue to improve.

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Gain Confidence and Master English

Many English verbs and much of English vocabulary are similar to Spanish words. The difficulty can come with pronunciation. Our trained instructors understand the difficulties of learning and pronouncing English words, and they use specific pronunciation techniques and exercises to help you to become proficient in your pronunciation of vocabulary in the use of the different forms of English verbs.

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Private Language Tutoring

We can help you reach your goals faster with one-on-one tutoring.

Call Now to learn how private sessions with our expert instructors can accelerate your learning path!

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Adult Education

Reach your career goals and expand your skills. Call Now to learn about the private CDL, computer, and other professional education classes offered at Private Language Center!

  • Citizenship classes
  • CDL Permit
  • Computer Classes
  • Call for more!

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$40.00 per Hour for Private Sessions