An Excellent Habit to Develop for Learning a New Language

An Excellent Habit to Develop for Learning a New Language

Yes, it is true.

Learning a new language can be difficult.  But it is a lot more difficult if you don’t take any action to learn and improve your skills. 

No matter what language it is, a person cannot simply hope to learn; the person has to take active steps on a regular, daily basis.  In other words, you have to develop a habit.

Most things in life are habits.  Getting dressed in the morning.  Doing the laundry.  Putting gasoline in our tank. Some habits are bad, like smoking or eating unhealthy food.  Some habits are neutral, like always putting on your left sock before you put on the right sock.  And then other habits are good and positive. 

That is what this habit is that I am going to suggest to you now.

It is a method that I have used for the last few years to learn Spanish:

Create your own language notebook.  It doesn’t require much effort or more time than a few minutes a day.

If, for example, you want to learn English, write at the top, in English, “My English Notebook”.

Keep it with you every day, at least keep it in your car.  If you bring a backpack or carrying bag to work, put the notebook in your bag.  It can be a spiral notebook. 

Draw a line down the middle of a few pages.  Then draw twenty or more horizontal lines starting at the top and all the way to the bottom of the page.

One the left side, write “English”.  On the right side, write “Spanish”.  Then, as you hear words and phrases and sentences that you are not familiar with, you can write the English version on the left and then the Spanish version on the right.

It won’t take long.  You can do it throughout the day – EVERY day.  After a few weeks, you will likely have a hundred or more lines filled up.  You will have dozens of sentences.