Dedicated to Learning

At Private Language Center, we teach you how to speak a new language – everything from pronunciation, to conversation exercises, to learning new English verbs and vocabulary. In our classes, you will start out with basic, introductory phrases, verbs, and vocabulary, and you will immediately learn how to speak full sentences and ask questions. With each class, as you learn and get more comfortable, you will gradually move to areas of greater difficulty. Call now to start learning!

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Who We Are

Since 1999, Private Language Center has been helping metro Denver and Aurora area residents learn English, and, through that learning, expand their economic opportunities and social influence.

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Our Mission

Let us guide you on your journey. We will provide you the critical skills, knowledge, and confidence to carry you toward your goal of mastering the English language. Sign up today to find out how quickly you can learn with Private Language Center.

We are proud of our students

Learning a new language is not easy. It requires time, practice, dedication, and effort – both in the classroom and outside of the classroom. But the rewards of dedication are great. The possibilities are endless, limited only by your dreams.

Our Process

Focus on Mastery

At Private Language Center, our classes are divided into six (6) levels of proficiency. At each level, you will complete dozens of exercises, both written and verbal, developing your reading and listening comprehension skills, including your ability to form and respond to various types of questions.


Proven Curriculum

Our structured lessons plans, taught by trained instructors, will enable you to expand your knowledge and ability in speaking and understanding English. Your conversational ability will improve with each class and so will your confidence levels. Call us today to sit in on a class for free at one of our three (3) Denver area locations.