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Have you been wanting to learn how to speak and understand English? Spanish? French? Do you want to learn how to form your own sentences and ask your own questions? At Private Language Center, you will be speaking in your new language the very first class. To begin your journey to mastering a second language… Call us Today!

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English School and Language Center

Our instructors care about you. They know the challenges of learning a new language. Our instructors are trained to help with:

  • Pronunciation
  • Expanding your English vocabulary
  • Learning English verbs and how to use them
  • Translating sentences and phrases
  • Creating your own sentences and questions.

Want to Make a Difference?

Apply to become a teacher at Private Language Center today! Most of our teachers are part-time and work with a weekly schedule that fits with the rest of their schedules.
Paid training is provided and is available on an on-going basis. No degree necessary, but strong Spanish skills are a must. The only other must is a love for learning and teaching.
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